US EPA asks court to uproot Enlist Duo approval


The US EPA has asked a federal court to revoke its approval of Dow AgroSciences' herbicide, Enlist Duo (2,4-D choline + glyphosate), citing concern about the possible impacts from the pesticide on endangered plant species.

Syngenta sues US grain exporters over GM maize

Syngenta has sued US grain exporters Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland, alleging that they are responsible for losses from China's decision to reject US maize and grain shipments because of the presence of an ...

Dow clarifies sulfoxaflor status

Dow AgroSciences has clarified the status of the insecticide, sulfoxaflor (trade-marked as Isoclast), in the EU following regulatory action in the US.

US EPA cancels sulfoxaflor approvals

The US EPA has issued a cancellation order for all insecticide products containing Dow AgroSciences' active ingredient, sulfoxaflor (trade-marked as Isoclast), a decision driven by the US Court of Appeals for t...

Glyphosate unlikely to be carcinogenic, says EFSA

The herbicide, glyphosate, is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard to humans, says the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Syngenta shareholder group against seed business divestment

A group of dissatisfied Syngenta shareholders has urged the company not to react to pressure from short-term interests by selling the vegetable and flower seeds businesses.

Syngenta/DSM agree biologicals deal

Syngenta and Dutch life sciences firm, DSM Food Specialties (Heerlen), have agreed a partnership to develop microbial-based agricultural solutions, including biological controls, biopesticides and biostimulants...

China's 2016 pesticide volume sales to fall 6%

China is expected to buy 6.2% less pesticide volume in 2016 than last year at some 961,700 tonnes (304,800 tonnes as per 100% active ingredient).

New active ingredients registered or launched in 2015

New active ingredients registered or launched during 2015, with links to the original articles

Nufarm to close Canadian plant

Nufarm is to close its Canadian agrochemical manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta while upgrading its US plant in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

EU approval for three new ais

The European Commission has issued formal EU approval for three new active ingredients.

UPL/Advanta to merge

UPL and its seed subsidiary, Advanta, are to merge. The amalgamation of Advanta’s seed business and UPL’s agrochemical operation aims to provide “end ...

BioAg Alliance sets 2025 target

Monsanto and Danish company Novozymes' BioAg Alliance partnership forecasts that its biopesticides and other microbial products will be applied to som...

Mergers, acquisitions and deals in 2015

A listing of the mergers, acquisitions and deals during 2015, with links to the original articles

Nutrichem to acquire Dow herbicide

The Chinese company, Beijing Nutrichem, has agreed to acquire Dow AgroSciences' oxyfluorfen herbicide business for an undisclosed amount. The deal cov...

Weed Science Society of America annual meeting 2016

The Weed Science Society of America's annual meeting will be held on February 8th-11th 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Business agility - the power of collaboration and eConnectivity

The tenth annual conference of US non-profit business consortium AgGateway, Business agility - the power of collaboration and eConnectivity, will be held in San Antonio, ...

Operations Manager (Scientific Research)

Job title: Operations Manager (Scientific Research)Location: Chelmsford, EssexSalary: £70000+  dependent on experienceThis Operations Manager is for a successful and grow...

Stockton to launch US IPO

Israeli biopesticide company Stockton is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) on the US Nasdaq stock exchange.

Brazil MPs to reject draft bill on agchems ban

Senators have presented a vote for rejection of draft legislation that would ban the use in Brazil of various pesticide active ingredients including glyphosate ...

GMO labelling bill still stalled in US Senate

Proponents of legislation to derail state GMO labelling regimes have yet to convince Senate Democrats to back their proposal despite growing pressure from the f...

Syngenta debuts Plentrix in Colombia

Syngenta has launched a new fungicide based on established active ingredients in Colombia for use on flowers.

Brazil experts advise against full residue analyses

Carrying out analyses of pesticide residues of all imported agricultural produce into Brazil would be unviable.

Uncertain EU rules on ED criteria create an uncertain industry

The implementation of new proposed cut-off criteria for endocrine disrupting (ED) properties in EU pesticide regulations would potentially lead to the loss of 3...

Marrone brings results up to date

The US biopesticide company, Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI - Davis, California), recorded a 13.6% increase in revenues to $2.5 million in the third quarter of 20...

Bee learning affected by thiamethoxam

A study by UK and Canadian researchers shows that chronic exposure to realistic field levels of the neonicotinoid insecticide, thiamethoxam, impacted bumble bee...

Agrow Award Winners 2015 Supplement

Winners of the Agrow Awards, London 2015.


Israeli biopesticide company Stockton has appointed Guy Elitzur as its chief executive officer. Mr Elitzur will take over the position on January 1st 2016.

Weed Science Society of America annual meeting 2016

The Weed Science Society of America's annual meeting will be held on February 8th-11th 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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