Chile is very well placed to capitalise on the tariff removals that will follow the implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership, as a major southern hemisphere producer and exporter of fresh fruit.

Italian canned tomato prices sliding down

Prices of Italian chopped tomatoes for retail and foodservice have reportedly been slowing down compared with both summer months and against last year – a trend that sources in the country believe is unjustifie...

El Niño fears affect banana chips market

Concerns over a likely El Niño event are heightening in the Philippines, QFN Trading & Agency said in a recent report.

Higher Argentine processing peach production

Industrial peach production in Argentina topped 139,000 tonnes during the 2014/15 season, heralding a recovery to habitual production volumes that gravitate around the 150,000 tonne mark.

New plant to process Amazonian fruit pulps

The cooperative of agricultural growers and extractivists in Manicoré (COOPEMA) started building the plant in Brazil’s Amazonas state in late September.

TPP to boost Peruvian canned veg exports

Peruvian vegetable processors expect TPP to increase exports of asparagus, artichokes and piquillo peppers - both processed and canned.

Hazelnut market changes direction

The Turkish hazelnut market has shown some changes today, a UK trader observed in a report.

Chilean fresh blueberry exports to increase

Exports of Chilean fresh blueberry volumes in the 2015/16 season will range between 99,000-109,000 tonnes, accounting for a 7-19% growth on this year,...

Chicken of the Sea forced to increase salaries

US Congress has passed a pay rise bill for the US territory of American Samoa, helping Georgia-based Thai Union’s cannery.

Multi-million dollar promotion of Brazilian OJ

The Brazilian Association of Citrus Exporters (CitrusBR) has signed a pioneering deal for OJ sales in European markets, which absorb around 70% of Bra...

The FOODNEWS Chile Special 2015 is out

Once again, FOODNEWS has produced its popular annual supplement on Chile, its industry and its products, in time for the world's largest trade show: A...

The FOODNEWS Anuga 2015 preview is out

Everything you need to enjoy the best of, and reap the maximum enjoyment from, the world's largest food show: Anuga.

FOODNEWS quarterly trade roundup: Q3 2015

This is the second FOODNEWS trade round-up: our statistics and data presentations produced in July-September 2015.

FOODNEWS Webinar: El Niño 2016: Be Prepared

El Niño is expected to be the strongest on record in 2016 and FOODNEWS expects it to cause havoc in the processed commodity markets.

EU chopped tomato supply getting tighter

Availability of bulk chopped tomatoes is reportedly getting tighter in Europe following strong pre-crop selling, and prices are edging up.

EU frozen raspberry buyers turning to China

Lower availability of frozen raspberries in Europe has prompted buyers to look for product in China, where local sources claim interest is on the rise.

Swiss maker launches carrot juice in US market

Biotta's new organic carrot juice is made using processes verified by the non-GMO Project.

USDA issues grant to boost canned apricot demand

US federal grant will pay for health research on canned and frozen apricots.

Moroccan berry output increased further in 2014-15

Berry production in Morocco in the 2014-15 season grew 6% to 160,000 tonnes, a result chiefly driven by strawberries for both fresh and frozen sale.


Turkish sultana exports falling behind 2014's levels

Turkish sultana exports have started the new season substantially behind the levels of a year ago.

TPP: confirmed agri-food market access offers

The announcement this week that the 12 countries involved in talks over a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have come to an agreement is expected to have far-reac...

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

Raspberry market remains unstable but less tense

The panic that spread through the raspberry industry in Europe appears to be easing very slowly, albeit the market remains unstable with prices high and some op...

Spanish PO slams late payments to tomato farms

Spain’s producers' association (PO) Unión de Extremadura has complained to Spain’s Agency for Food Information and Control (AICA) against an ongoing practice by...

P&P tomato juice

French specialist launches organic tomato juice

P&P Fruits, based near Nantes, is offering the product in 400ml pouches, fitted with a pouring spout.

Expensive fruit juice purchase "still worth it"

Slobodan Radun, owner and president of Serbia’s juice maker Nectar, declared that the EUR50 million (USD56.81 mln) his company paid for Slovenia’s leading fruit...

Editorial: news from the end of the world

It is once again that time of year when we are publishing our special supplement on Chile, the locomotive of the Latin American railway.