US tomato paste stronger exports

Financial issues and the need for prompt cash have been pushing Chinese sellers to drop their tomato paste offers, although sources reckon the market is unlikely to fall much further.

Indications of split in Europe's AJC market

Apple juice in glass and apple Amid the torpor that currently afflicts the European market, supplies have come onto the market at remarkably low prices.

US peanut harvesting approaches its end

Peanuts; DFN; nuts; US; USDA; Harvesting of US peanuts is nearly complete in most producing states.

Bad weather affected Bulgarian cherry output

cherries, cherry crop, Bulgaria, fresh fruit, berries, fruit crops, processed fruit, frozen fruit, IQF, frozen berries Cherry production in Bulgaria has been well below expectations this year due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Low orders worry China's mandarin canners

Chinese canners are facing a hard season with short crop, high raw material prices and few orders.

Chinese AJC export figures strengthen again

Apples and apple juice China exported 57,048 tonnes of AJC in October, an increase of almost 50% over last October's figure of 38,149 tonnes.

Hazelnut market enters bearish mode

Turkish hazelnut prices appear to have entered a bearish phase with some signs of a moderate improvement in availability.

USDA forecasts increase in SA apple output

South African production should increase by 2% in 2015/16 to 865,000 tonnes, said the USDA in a recent report.

Select Harvests reports strong financial results

Australia-based Select Harvests has recorded a third consecutive year of stronger financial performance.

Frozen berries may be linked to NZ Hep A cases

A number of cases of Hepatitis A recorded recently in New Zealand may be linked to frozen berry consumption, local authorities warned.

Chile sets 2016 sardine and anchovy quota

The Chilean undersecretariat of fisheries (Subpesca) and aquaculture has set the 2016 pelagic quota at 284,000 tonnes for sardines and 34,400 tonnes f...

Peru urges higher quota for human consumption

Peruvian canners claim that they cannot meet demand for anchovy from Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland and African countries, as the fishing resources go...

AQSIS tours Argentine berry/cherry orchards

Chinese food safety authorities are visiting berry-growing areas in Argentina this week, as the two countries negotiate the terms of a trade deal to e...

SVZ adds new concentrate line to Polish plant

The new line at its Tomaszów plant in Poland is capable of processing raw materials at lower temperatures, to deliver minimally-processed vegetable a...

Chinese tomato paste sellers pushing prices downward

Offers for Chinese triple concentrate tomato paste have dropped below the USD800 per tonne mark in a few cases, driven by smaller sellers trying to underbid larger export...

Manta skipjack prices slump as Bangkok’s holding up

Prices of skipjack tuna landings in Manta to be delivered in December have dropped dramatically, falling behind Bangkok's, which have set at a price as low as April’s quo...

Malaysia plans to increase pineapple production

The Malaysia Pineapple Industry Board (MPIB) has announced its intention to expand the country’s pineapple cultivation areas to 15,000 hectares

US loses WTO appeal in Mexican tuna labelling

The WTO’s Appellate Body ruled against the US, upholding an earlier ruling that found US rules discriminated against Mexican canned tuna.

Spanish first strawberries for fresh sale as Egypt starts

Volumes of Spain’s earliest strawberry varieties are reaching European markets bound for fresh sale, as the season in Egypt is also starting.


Walnut prices look set to slide lower in January

The international walnut market will show rapid changes now, Global Trading & Agency noted in its latest market report.

Russian agriculture minister  Alexander Tkachev SOURCE:

Russia to restrict imports of Turkish agri-food produce

Russia is to ‘strengthen controls’ on imports of Turkish agri-food products in the wake of the downing of ones of its fighter jets in Syria earlier this week.

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

strawberries, frozen fruit, berries, Poland, Polish trade, frozen strawberries, agriculture, IQF, frozen food

Polish frozen strawberry trade going strongly

Polish exports of frozen strawberries in the first eight months of this year totalled 88,877 tonnes, 38% above the same period in 2014.

MCDonald’s Spain to include Pacifical MSC Tuna in menu

McDonald’s Spain has announced that it will use MSC-certified Pacifical skipjack tuna on its ‘Mediterranean tuna salad’ offered in its Spanish menu.

Spanish processor Tomcoex files for bankruptcy

Spain’s tomato processing industry Tomcoex has reportedly filed for voluntary bankruptcy.

Canned sweet corn

Bonduelle may scale back Russian growth plan

The financial crisis in the country, which has resulted in a significant fall in demand for canned foods, is forcing Bonduelle to reconsider its strategy.

Editorial: news from the end of the world

It is once again that time of year when we are publishing our special supplement on Chile, the locomotive of the Latin American railway.