Daily Price Update 27/11/15: Butter scoops first prize.

Butter orders for Thanksgiving and the end of year festivities are driving prices up.

Brazil buying more milk powder

Brazilian milk powder imports from the region are on the rise and the latest reports indicate that even Paraguay is finalizing preparations for its first 300-tonne export deal involving domestically produced mi...

Uruguayan powder suppliers waiting on Venezuelan payment

Uruguay’s recent bilateral export deal with Venezuela, which involves the sale of 44,000 tonnes of milk powder and 12,000 tonnes of cheese, is testing the nerves of Uruguayan suppliers who are still waiting for...

Daily Price Update 26/11/2015: Czechs ahead

Czech prices are once more defying European trends – with a slight uplift this week, especially for butter and whole milk powder (WMP).

Global standard for dairy permeate could ignite market

Regulators are on the brink of approving a global standard for a dairy ingredient which could ‘explode’ on the market as early as next year.

Daily Price Update 25/11/2015: slide narrows margins

German skimmed milk powder (SMP) slipped further below the intervention price this week as the market continues to be over-supplied and – for processors – under-priced.

'Significant fall' in China's milk powder inventories

Chinese inventories are down, says Fonterra – while long-term, it is convinced that the consumption/ production gap is growing.

Chinese buyers switch to processed, grated cheeses

Chinese cheese demand has grown by 8% year on year in the eight months to the end of October. But the figures reveal a -13% decline in hard and semi-h...

More EU milk – greater SMP and butter volumes

Higher EU milk output has resulted in greater volumes of butter, skimmed milk powder (SMP) and condensed milk.

Record NZ milk production – but what of the future?

New Zealand is course to produce more milk for the world’s export markets – thanks to productivity of its dairy cows.

Dairy companies update: cutting back on supplies

In a sign of the times, a European dairy major, FrieslandCampina, is transferring part of its milk supply to a rival.

Casein prices weaken, but long-term prospects bright

Casein prices have plunged in the past year, following the trend of lower powder prices generally. However, demand in key markets is keeping prices ab...

Daily Price Update 23/11/2015: fresher powder excites

Fonterra’s decision to build in guarantees of the age of its milk powders appears to have excited the market.

Daily Price Update 20/11/15: US butter defies market

US milk production rose in October and is now tracking at about the same level as last year, while large volumes of dairy stocks continue to weigh on ...

Global standard for dairy permeate could ignite market

Regulators are on the brink of approving a global standard for a dairy ingredient which could ‘explode’ on the market as early as next year.

Relief for British dairy processors and farmers

A weaker pound versus the euro may begin to provide some relief for British dairy producers after an influx of lower-priced cheese and butter imports this year.

Daily Price Update 19/11/2015: lower IMF in China

Infant milk formula prices are falling in China – ironically just as the country gets used to the idea of no more one-child policy.

Mexico expecting record milk purchases

Mexico’s National Front of Milk Producers and Consumers (NFMPC) announced it expects to end the year with record milk purchases on the part of the federal gover...

Daily Price Update 18/11/2015: butter blip in flat market

Seasonal orders are providing some bright spots in an otherwise bleak EU dairy products market.

Upbeat Fonterra raises forecast farmer returns

It’s been a dire year for the world’s biggest dairy exporter Fonterra – but despite this it is raising the returns it expects to pay farmer members.

EU-12 face final milk quota superlevy fines

Twelve EU member states will have to pay superlevy fines totalling some EUR818 million after exceeding their milk quotas for deliveries in 2014/15 – a year that...

EU turns to Philippines in Asian free trade drive

The European Council has given the green light for the European Commission to start negotiations with the Philippines on a free trade agreement.