Daily Price Update 12/02/2016: US feasts on fats

Today’s US prices illustrate the sharp contrast between continued domestic strength in cheese and butter – and the less happy fortunes of export-oriented powder businesses.

Dairy companies update: strength in consumer products

Higher returns from consumer cheese and butter lifted the performance of one of the UK’s largest dairy companies after a disappointing export year.

Daily Price Update 11/02/2016: powder uplift

There is some encouraging upwards movement in Polish and Czech skimmed milk powder (SMP) prices this week.

Further drop in Irish dairy commodity index

Irish dairy commodity prices have fallen for a tenth month in a row, the latest tracker index reveals.

Further US milk powder export rebound forecast

Improved seasonal conditions and low grain prices are raising the prospect of more skimmed milk powder (SMP) and butter from California.

Daily Price Update 10/02/2016: milk tide flattens EU returns

European dairy prices “as bad as I can recall” said one market observer as a perfect storm of global economic uncertainty and oversupply fuels a bearish market.

France fights for EU step-up in dairy farm aid

The French government is seeking “allies” among EU member states to put pressure on the European Commission to take new intervention measures to help ...

Fonterra setback in China dairy farms venture

Fonterra is putting the brakes on its milk production venture in China until economic and oversupply conditions improve.

Daily Price Update 08/02/2016: EU butter prices weaken

EU butter prices appear to be heading in the same direction as skimmed milk powder (SMP).

French over-production depresses milk prices

Farmers supplying the country’s biggest milk buyers have suffered the most in the present crisis, according to a new report. But over-production is ge...

Australia's El Niño eases, but dairies still face Big Dry

El Niño has had some impact on Australian milk output. But although this is beginning to ease, the Big Dry is continuing to affect dairying regions.

Grass-fed leads to bigger gains in New Zealand

Milk from pasture-fed cows is attracting premium payments – especially if the end product is premium or value-added products such as infant milk formu...

Cheese and milk fuel Chinese dairy import growth

The slump in dairy imports from China has not slowed down demand for value-added products such as cheese – and liquid milk.

French palm oil tax - mixed benefits for dairy

EU government aid for the dairy sector has taken an apparent new turn. A palm oil tax in France may put EUR300 per tonne on shipments from next year.

Longer EU storage aid and cheese quotas to be shared out

EU private storage aid (PSA) schemes for both butter and skimmed milk powder (SMP) are being extended to September 30. And the European Commission is drawing up a proposa...

Daily Price Update 05/02/2016: bubbling under

Cheese and butter prices still glide along at high levels, but today’s US prices don’t reveal the whole story.

Daily Price Update 04/02/2016: China celebrates, IMF boost

The mass movement of millions of Chinese for Chinese New Year celebrations is already under way as workers make the journey to their home towns across China.

French goats to help plug Russia cheese gap

Russia is turning to goat’s cheese production in one attempt to plug the gap in domestic supplies.

Lower prices spark growth in preserved milk markets

Lower global prices have revealed some interesting growth trends in world markets. Which are the countries that are driving growth? The answer, in some categori...

Dairy companies update: adjusting to tougher times

Companies are putting a brave face in the current dire dairy environment, and in the case of Arla Foods amba, streamlining their operations.

Jarlsberg sales threat as export subsidies end

Norwegian cheesemaker Tine is in talks with buyers of its famous Jarlsberg now that the end of export subsidies threatens to push up its price on international ...

Dairy trade potential as full EU-Vietnam deal published

The full text of the EU-Vietnam free trade deal – which will give European exporters greater access to its population of 90 million – has been published.