Updated: US Agriculture Secretary Vilsack talks TTIP with MEPs, Hogan

While “very difficult” concessions must take place with respect to agriculture under the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), both sides “ultimately want the same thing” and will get a deal done, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack bel...

Russia to ban certain Turkish food products from January

Russia will start restricting imports of Turkish agricultural products as of January 1, 2016, the country’s agriculture minister has confirmed.

MEPs concerned about conflicting scientific findings on glyphosate

Many members of the European Parliament’s environment committee (ComEnvi) are concerned about the conflicting scientific reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Food Safety Authority (...

England’s CAP Delivery Programme 'not a good deal for farmers'

A lack of effective collaboration between the bodies responsible for the Common Agricultural Policy Delivery Programme in England and other factors combined to undermine its ability to deliver a successful rura...

UN climate summit kicks off - binding commitments sought

The agriculture sector is “part of the solution” in tackling climate change, EU farmers’ lobby Copa-Cogeca has asserted, as the long-awaited UN climate summit gets underway in Paris.

Farmers' group predicts increase in EU cereals output

EU total cereals output in 2016 will exceed the current year due to improved yields and a larger planted area, according to farmers’ union Copa-Cogeca, with the increase largely due to a rebound in maize produc...

New CAP agri-food promotion rules enter into force

Revised rules on how the EU co-funds agri-food promotion and information campaigns, accompanied by a gradually increasing budget up to 2020, have now ...

Updated: Member states emerge divided on re-opening EU-Mercosur trade talks

EU member states have put their weight behind concluding “a comprehensive and ambitious” trade deal with the South American Mercosur trading bloc, but...

Azov Sea Russian grain prices dip over Turkish worries

Russian grain prices in the Azov Sea fell in the last week on concerns that exports to Turkey could be damaged amid political tensions between the two...

UK's Total Factor Productivity for agriculture rose in 2014

Increased crop production following two years of unfavourable weather conditions was largely responsible for a 5.6% increase in the UK agriculture sec...

Uruguay secures beef trade breakthrough in Russia

Uruguay and Russia have signed a new agreement on beef that could help reverse recent declines in trade and help the South American country regain los...

Chinese move on pork hailed in Northern Ireland

China has provisionally approved imports of pork from Northern Ireland – a move the industry says should help offset some of the problems caused by Ru...

Australia lowers wheat forecast by 5%

Australia cut its wheat forecast for the 2015/16 season as dry weather, frost and fire damage curbed output, the world's fourth largest exporter said ...

Five things you need to know this week... November 27

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.

Analysis: New Argentine President boosts chances of EU-Mercosur trade deal

In his first press conference since becoming the President of Argentina on Sunday (November 22), Mauricio Marci has vowed to “make progress” in talks between the EU and the Mercosur group of Latin Ame...

Five things you need to know this week... November 27

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.


EU agriculture policy diary: the week ahead (November 30 - December 4)

The long-awaited UN climate summit, where world governments will try to agree on a new, legally-binding climate action treaty for the coming years, will get underway on Monday (November 30).

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Commission releases guidelines on CAP reform agreement on Producer Organisations

The European Commission has released guidelines for farmers clarifying how they can cooperate to jointly sell a variety of agricultural products without breaching EU competition rules, under measures ...

ABP 'colluding' to kill Irish live export trade, says ICSA

One of Europe’s largest beef processors has been accused of colluding with British supermarkets to undermine the export of live cattle from Ireland to the UK.

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